Learn more about us.

What's a Melonz?

Hi, we're Melonz, a team of computer software developers and PC lovers that works with all sorts of stuff.

We're using things like Jekyll, Electron, and even Unity.

OK, what are you making?

Our two biggest projects are The Matrix Glitch and MelonzClient.

What's MelonzClient?

MelonzClient is a game client we're developing that loves game devs and our users. Read our really old blog post about it, if you want.

Now, what's The Matrix Glitch?

As it says on the TMG website, The Matrix Glitch is a game about saving your world from a huge glitch that is causing everything on Earth to disintegrate into nothing. You must figure out the passcode to turn on the world's computer. Read more on the site.

Cool! How can I follow you guys?

Take a look at the footer below to see our social links.

You can also just check our blog every once in a while, or if you're fancy, you can subscribe to our RSS feed.