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We've redesigned Melonz! (finally)

We've went from a terrible MDL page to a stunning Bulma page. Learn more here.
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What? What the hell are you talking about?

Oh, right.

We have a main website at It’s where you can make a Melonz account (soon to be used for things like MelonzClient), and is basically our main hub.

What did the old one look like?

Well, let’s hit up the Wayback Machine and see what we get.

Old website

Uhm, yeah… terrible. This archive is from June 25, 2017. The “latest news” segment still says “We weren’t affected by the CloudBleed bug that was fixed last night. Yup. Lovely.

Wow. Okay, what’s the new one like?


Newer and better website

Miles better, right?

First off, the new Latest News segment actually gets the latest entry from our blog and puts it there. This saves us quite a bit of time.

Secondly, it doesn’t use the deprecated <center> tag in HTML. If you’re not a web developer, don’t worry about it-

And finally, it actually displays useful information!

What we're developing


Hell yeah, it’s cool.

Does that My Account page work now?

It does! About time, right? You can change the following:


Thanks for reading! Also, on our blog’s GitHub page, we now have 100 commits! Yes, we’ve changed things with the site 100 times. Thanks to all of you for being on the Road to 100!

100 commits!

200 commits when?

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